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Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh do i do this?

OK. Blogging. Here i go! 


What to say? My name is HC, i am model/student/soon-to-be-personal trainer-and-nutrition consultant (studying for it right now!)/healthy eater (most of the time ; ) )/exercise addict/chocolate lover. 

I love good eats and i love a good workout session, and after becoming a lover of all things health blog, i decided i needed to start my own! Staying fit and healthy while working and attempting to complete an engineering degree is no easy task, lemme tell ya, but i am doing it somehow, AND i am doing it for CHEAP! (college budget anyone?) So i wanted to blog about my experience with keepin' it fit! I also thought this might be a great study aid for my personal training and nutrition exams, and a great way to share all these awesome things i am learning with whoever else wants to hear it!

Hope you like my blog! I hope i can show how easy it can be to live healthy even with a crazy hectic schedule and not a lot of $$!!

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