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Sunday, April 18, 2010

After yesterday, i have my credit card # memorized...uh oh

Its not as bad as i thought, i didn't actually spend a lot of money, but for this college student - it was a straight-up online shopping spree.  My school loan debt, LD, has this awful habit of planting itself in the back of my head at all times to eavesdrop and comment on all of my inner thoughts. examples: Me: "What should I eat for dinner?" LD: "A CAN OF BEANS! NOTHING MORE!" Me: "Well i should probably do some summer shopping..." LD: "JUST CUT THE LEGS OFF OF ALL YOUR JEANS!" and so on and so forth...
but i ignored my little friend, loan debt, because i have been wanting these 3 things (and one for the bf) for sooo long.

I have not yet found a regular, simple exercise band that doesn't break. I ordered 2 SPRI exercise tube bands - 1 light and 1 medium - from amazon. I use light and/or medium, and i don't use very heavy weights. I have to be careful with the way i exercise because my body tends to build muscle very quickly. Especially in my legs and butt. With my job as a model, i can't afford this, because measurements are the most important thing in our strange little world. I have found the best results, for me personally, to be using light/medium resistance in my exercises. I build strength, and long lean muscles at the same time. You don't have to use crazy extra heavy weights to get the metabolism boosting effects of strength training!

I also ordered the new Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings CD for the bf (and myself as well : ) ). I llooovvee sharon jones! She is amazing.

One more thing. The big ticket item. I did it, i fell for it, and i am proud of it. I ordered "The Butt Book" by David Kirsch. I have been wanting this one for so long. I have never bought an exercise book before, but i love David Kirsch's workouts. He is so smart and has the most creative ways of working multiple muscles at once. Plus, I just love myself a good butt workout! Is that weird?

A little preview:

CANNOT WAIT for this stuff to arrive!!

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